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Commercial Auto Liability

Large and small fleets. Auto liability coverage on miles, gross receipts or trucks. Optional programs for existing and new fleets: No Deductible, small/large deductible, self insured. Some programs with driver flexibility. Programs exclusive to our agency too.

Cargo and Trailer

Coverage for the product you haul and the customer trailers you may use. Revenue and mileage options, most with NO driver criteria for existing and new companies.

Occupational Accident Contingent Liability

Coverage for your 1099 drivers and mechanics. We have programs still available in CA and NJ, as well as all other states.

General Liability

Liability coverage for your office, docks, warehouse and trucks while parked.

Workers Compensation

State compliant insurance for your W2 employees.

Physical Damage

Coverage for your tractors and trailers. This can be done without driver criteria.

Insurance Marketplace

We access all markets. Most direct, no wholesaler used. We have many exclusive programs, including our own captives.

Brokerage and Logistics

Coverage for freight moved for others. Broker bonds acquired. Contingent cargo, contingent auto liability, general liability, trailer interchange, errors and omissions.

Captive Programs

Group and single parent (your company only!) programs allowing potential dividends paid back to your company.

Health Insurance

Coverage for both employees and 1099 works compliant with the Act.

Self Insurance

We can assist you set up with the FMCSA as a qualified Self Insured.


Coverage for the commodities you
stored for others

Commercial Property

Coverage for your buildings and other properties you own.

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